Pregnancy Post Intro.

I know for the next few months my mind will be going crazy with thoughts of the baby!  So many things that I’ve been looking back on and things that I’ve been meaning to share this whole journey into motherhood.

Let me go back to the day that I realized that I was pregnant.  It was right after Christmas but I had the feeling for weeks and too early take a pregnancy test.  I actually feel like I knew the exact moment when it happened!  As a woman, I feel like you just know, your body knows and your mind totally changes. I Love to drink wine with my dinner and before I even knew that I was pregnant my body didn’t want the wine, it wanted water more than anything because for some reason pregnancy makes you so thirsty!  So, I had taken the pregnancy test before you could even find out just to see if I was and I was feeling so anxious about it.  Each time it came back negative but I knew deep down inside that I had a little miracle on the way. I had probably taken two test every week until it was right around the time that I found out!  I was obsessed with it; I knew that I was pregnant and knew these negative tests were wrong.  There are hormones in these tests that you take at home that take time to produce and show that’s why you can’t find out exactly when it happens, unless you get a blood test maybe. Anyways, it was the day after Christmas and I told myself “okay girl, you’re a day late and now is the time.”  I took the test and of course it came back positive!!  I was right from the beginning!  It’s such a weird thing, maternal instinct.  It’s like the exact moment it happens you just feel it in your heart and your whole body.

Even though I knew that I was pregnant, right after you get that ‘positive’ on the test you still go into a shock.  So many things raced through my head, was I ready?  Was it the right time?  Am I going to be a good Mom?  What does it take to be pregnant?  I know there are so many rules and guidelines to follow to have the healthiest baby possible but was I capable of doing that?  I proceeded to get my thoughts in check and think of a way to tell Salvatore that he was about to be a daddy.  I was so nervous.  It was always something that we had talked about and both wanted but again was it the right time, was he going to be happy or was it too soon like so many overwhelming questions came to my mind again.  I found this little box and wrote a note with the ‘positive’ test stick inside and said “this is your real Christmas present.”  I knew he was getting ready to take a shower so I left the box inside the bathroom and waited to see him open the box.  I was sweating bullets.  He came upstairs and turned on the shower and he was asked, “what’s this?”  I said “open it with this key”.  He opened it and saw the tests and the first thing he said was “is this real?”  Like he couldn’t even believe it himself.  I mean I took four different tests so I was pretty positive that it was real.  He was in shock too I think like in a good way.  I am pretty positive that he didn’t believe it until I had my first doctor appointment.  Hahah-he’s a guy who wanted the official proof of the blood test, it was the ultimate prize for him.  He was so excited and I’m so lucky to have a man like him who shares the same values as I do. 

I am curious to hear from you of how you shared the news with your partner and how they reacted! We each have our own incredible life journeys and the more we share and talk about things that are not normalized for whatever reason in society we become more connected. We all came into this world because of the same reasons but how we decide to travel through it is always different and that’s what makes life so beautiful. Can’t wait to hear from you!