Second & Third Trimester

The way the trimesters and the time lines of pregnancy really don’t make sense to me, but they say the second trimester is from week 13-28. I feel like they say that you have 9 months but if pregnancy is 40 weeks, that means that the math would make it 10 months, but that technically you are not aware you are pregnant the first two weeks making it 9 months. I am horrible at math but to me it seems you are pregnant basically an entire year because they don’t count the “fourth trimester” (I know, tri means 3 but I think you know what I am saying), your recovery time from the birth takes around 2 months to get back to your natural cycle.

My first trimester like I mentioned before was amazing considering I had no sickness, no cravings and really didn’t feel any different other than the occasional sore breast and random naps that I took. Over all I was blessed because my girlfriends suffered from horrible morning sickness and nausea, usual pickle and ice cream cravings and some even were so sleepy they didn’t leave their bed!

When you find out that you are pregnant the first thing that you do is go to the doctor to confirm the news. They take an ultrasound and you can see on the screen a little sac that will grow and transform into your new bundle of joy. Around 9 weeks they started to test me for all different things that could potentially happen. They do a blood test and a PAP smear to check for issues like blood disorders or STDS and they also check your hormone levels to see at which stage of pregnancy you are at. For me the only thing that came back was that I have Hashimotos, a thyroid problem and every morning I have to take a pill to help my thyroid production so that I didn’t gain crazy weight and it protects the baby. From my experience I would suggest once you discover that you are pregnant, hold off on so many tests other than the crucial ones until the proper time. Test for your health and down syndrome can give confusing results if tests are too soon. Testing too early may require having to retest because of false findings which was super stressful for no reason and very expensive. This is just my opinion from my experience. If you are high risk, early test may absolutely be necessary.

Back to the second trimester, which for me was a breeze. My growing belly made me feel so powerful and the lack of feeling anything but a little more tired than normal was a blessing. In the second trimester I began to feel the baby growing inside of me and everything that I ate or chose not to was because of him. I love coffee and I gave it up completely because of the baby. I also would research things to eat to help the growing baby and make sure he had all the nutrients he needed to be successful from the start. If you are thinking about becoming pregnant and certainly from day 1, you need to take a prenatal vitamin along with DHA. I love the brand from Mega Food Baby and Me prenatal. Certified organic and have a lot of other stamps of how pure and true it really is so I trust this one the most. think in my first trimester I used New Chapter Prenatal and tried Pink Stork prenatal, but I ended up sticking with Mega Food brand the whole rest of the pregnancy. You also must check if they have folic acid or folate which is the better, more clean form and DHA inside. The Mega Food doesn’t have DHA, so I chose to use Nortic Naturals prenatal DHA. I also chose to get these vitamins in the purest of forms by eating the right foods. I would eat fish once or twice a week, meat whenever I craved it and stuck with a lot of fruits which I think I craved the most and veggies. Anytime I got a craving I would always eat it and never deprive myself from that craving as long as it wasn’t affecting the baby and his growth! Overall the second trimester was such an amazing time period looking back because my stomach was getting larger and you could finally tell that I was pregnant and not just getting fatter, I felt super empowered like “I’m growing a baby inside of me, what did you do today” vibes Hahha and I still looked cute in dresses and could wear heels with my little new accessory the bump! I also had space on my lap for my dog Mila. Toward the middle to end of the second trimester I started to feel like baby moving inside of me as well and that always gave me a peace of mind that everything was going perfectly, he was growing and healthy and I could relax a little more because in the beginning I was always worrying something was wrong since you really have no idea what’s going on!

Like I said no sickness, no high blood pressure or glucose problems, it’s been a real dream. In the beginning I told myself that I would try to stay in the recommended gain of 25-30 pounds. As I am close to the end, I will say that I gained more than 50 pounds! It’s crazy to think that I gained 50 pounds in 9 months and really wasn’t eating too bad although I defiantly ate a cookie or two more than usual but I was super good and controlled because I already enjoy a healthy clean lifestyle. Your body just takes over and does what is necessary and needed for the baby. My belly button disappeared completely and by the 9th month it tried to push out. My bellybutton is so shallow I’m curious to see what it will look like after all of this! I sat on instagram many times looking at beautiful women with tier grown bellies and was shocked at how different everyones body really is. My one girlfriend is a couple of weeks behind me and she looks like me what I had look like at 5 months and she is now 9 months! On the other hand I feel like I have looked pregnant since day 1 and continued to just grow into a whale but a very happy whale!

My feet started to swell this week which is my last week of pregnancy. It is summer in NY and the humidity has been a mess! At this point everything is swelling on me, my face, my stomach, feet etc. I have experienced insomnia a few times throughout my pregnancy. Over the last few days it is worse. I wonder why – could it be my excitement of the delivery or is my body getting ready for the baby’s schedule that may reduce my sleep. I haven’t been sleeping past 5 am.

In the last month I prepared the baby necessities for the first three months and decided that I would wait until the baby grew and was bigger to get everything else. I hate clutter and buying things and not using them, so I really relied on my girlfriends who had children advice to only buy the basics for now! (I will be doing a post on the products and baby things that I have purchased along with how much and how useful they were to me and my experience after the baby is here!)

The third trimester is when I started to really enjoy my pregnancy. I began to relax because I could feel the baby moving all the time. At this point, I could tell that everything is growing as expected, I continued to gain weight but it was ok because the belly you grow is something magical.

I feel like people treated me special and went out of their way to see if they could help me with lifting or offering a seat. I did feel like I had a ‘glow’. Purity at its finest I think seeps out into the world and makes people happy, even in NYC! People everywhere, delivery people, people in the streets and at restaurants ask you about the baby. They asked me how I was feeling, and people began sharing their own personal experiences and reliving the most magical time in their life. It’s something hard to explain but something so powerful and moving that it warms my heart and makes me realize yes, there are bad people in this world and that’s what media always seems to focus on but in reality, day to day life, there are really good people around and out there as well!

The statement that your life changes once you have children is an under-statement. My pregnancy has forced me to look at things differently. On thing that I have learned during this experience has been life changing and mind altering as I am looking at the world with eyes of a future mother of the next generation. I have embraced people and society in such a different way. Let’s face it, the things the media is communication as well as what’s happening in the world at this moment in time is shocking and at the same time disgusting. From politicians purposely not resolving issues, which is their job to do, to people randomly killing people at fairs and in public places, it seems people have lost touch with themselves and other humans. Maybe it’s because people can hide behind screens and make fake lives or maybe it’s because people don’t interact like they used to, or they just feed themselves with things from the dark web. Who knows? Whatever it is, we need to put a stop to all this insanity and come together to remember we are all here to serve a purpose and make this world better for the next generations starting with the next generation - our own children.

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