Message from a Model - The beginning ✨

This has been a long time coming! I’m the type of person who gets ideas and talks about it instead of taking action and getting it done! My goal is to inspire other people to not only take the first leap into something that they have wanted to do for a long time but to encourage an all around healthy lifestyle! I am mostly known from my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit appearances over the past 6 years and have slid by using my body to build my brand but this is something I want to change because I’m so much more than a pair of titties 😂 ! I want to share with you knowledge that I have learned from traveling the world, emerging myself into many different cultures, the importance of taking care of yourself from the inside out and sharing my lifestyle secrets! For my first post I want to also share the news that I am becoming a Mom at the end of August and have many tips and tricks I have been using to avoid sickness, gaining too much weight and taking care of my growing belly - ladies we all know the journey into motherhood changes the second that you find out you are expecting and for some reason it’s something everyone keeps secret and scary and never really talks about but here I’m an open book and want to start more of these real life conversations because pregnancy isn’t scary it’s so beautiful! Since I am already into my Sixth month of pregnancy I have taken notes from day and will be sharing this journey, tips, recipes, workouts and much more once a week! Can’t wait to start learning from you and for you to learn a lot more about me 💗 - SH